My friends call me Wonder Woman. (That’s actually not true.) But while I don’t have super strength or a particular interest in fighting evil, I do have a some skills.

Print & Package Design

Brochures, business cards, book covers, billboards, boxes, and bottles. Whatever it is, I create innovative designs that make an impression.

Identity & Branding

A brand isn’t a logo. A brand is a gut feeling about a company, business, or product. I enjoy putting all my skills to work to craft that gut feeling.


I have over ten years of experience behind the lens. I’m comfortable shooting people, places, and things with my Canon 7D.

Mobile & Web Design

I know CSS, HTML, Bootstrap,, Hype animation, iBooks, jQuery Mobile, information architecture, and user testing.

Copywriting & Advertising

I write and edit high-quality content, as well as create “big ideas” to engage audiences. No concept too big, no surface too small.

Video & Motion

I’m trained to capture video using lights and sound. I use Final Cut Pro, After Effects, and Logic Pro X to deliver a polished final product.

People ignore design that ignores people.

- Frank Chimero -


I like combining texture, color, and intriguing typography to create a tangible feel that bridges the gap between the digital world and the physical world. Here's some of my work.

They’re All Looking at You iBook


Mister Rogers’ Salute


UCDavis Promo


National Parks Promo


The Life and Death of Dixie Documentary


Kaboom Playgrounds Campaign


MeetMe.Com Promo


OnTrack Budget App


Cupcake Escape Mobile Site


University of Baltimore Holiday Card


Out of Eden Narrative


“Ask Fancy” App



emily kunz

I’ve been drinking the visual communications kool-aid since I completed my undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2008. I got my first “big-kid” job working as a graphic designer for a playground company in Utah. In 2009, I moved to the Baltimore-Washington area, where I worked as both an in-house designer and a freelancer. I attended the University of Baltimore as an MFA student in the integrated design program. While there, I was a graduate assistant at the Digital Design Studio and a graduate teaching assistant. I’m all-but-thesis with a set graduation date of Spring 2016.
I currently live in Davis, California and work as a graphic designer for the University of California, Davis. I also teach visual communications to online web design and development students at BYU-Idaho. Other insignificant but possibly intriguing things about me: My heroes are David Ogilvy and Rosie the Riveter (yes, I know she’s fictional). My position in life as the youngest of nine children was and is the sole cause of my creativity today. I’m learning how to tap dance. And I love to write, advertise, organize, photograph, and, of course, graphic design.